The SSN holds quarterly education days.

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May 2017 Education Day

The 16th May 2017 education day in Perth included the following;

Dr Fiona Cowie’s summary of the 2017 British Sarcoma Group conference.

Dr Ioanna Nixon’s Clinical Lead updates.

Miss Louise McCullough’s presentation of mortality and morbidity in the Aberdeen centre.

Miss Louise McCullough’s presentation of the proposed endoprosthetic replacement registry for the UK.

Hugh Leonard’s presentation to introduce the EHE Rare Cancer Charity (UK).

Sarah McDonald’s presentation on the first year of operation for Sarcoma UK’s support line.

Lindsay Campbell’s (on behalf of Debi Kirk) demonstration of the new Scottish Sarcoma Network website.

Dr Ioanna Nixon’s presentation on peer review of radiotherapy planning in Scotland.

Autumn/Winter 2013/14

During Autumn/Winter of 2013/14, the SSN hosted three (all from West of Scotland Deanery) of the top 5 performing students from Sarcoma UK’s junior doctor and medical students from a UK-wide education initiative, which ran during June 2013 as part of sarcoma awareness week and was organised by Mr Chandrasekar, (Orthopaedic surgeon) and colleagues in Liverpool.   The invite to participate in this online learning module was advertised in BMJ and disseminated via our contacts in the Scottish Deaneries which led to a disproportionately high response rate from Scotland in this UK-wide project.

The fellowship took the form of a week-long clinical attachment throughout which we attended new and return patient clinics, theatre session and attendance at the Scottish sarcoma MDT.

Throughout the course of the placement the fellowship students performed a project which was presented in an oral and a poster session at the British Sarcoma Group Meeting Nottingham February 2014.

From left to right;

Dr Emily Robinson, SHO RLBUHT – Project Lead

Dr Philip Broadbent, Scotland Deanery – Fellowship with Dr Jeff White, TheBeatson West of   Scotland Cancer Centre Team

Dr Lisa Pascoe, Scotland Deanery – Fellowship with Dr Jeff White, TheBeatson West of   Scotland Cancer Centre Team

Dr Alexandra Ho, London Deanery – Fellowship with The Royal Marsden Team –Prof Ian Judson, Dr Charlotte Benson, Mr Andrew Hayes.

Mr Roger Wilson CBE, Founder and Honorary President Sarcoma UK

Mr CR  Chandrasekar, Consultant Orthopaedics RLBUHT, Liverpool.

Dr Amy Downes, Peninsula Deanery – Fellowship with Prof. Robert Grimer and team at ROH Birmingham.

Dr Emma Illingworth, FY2 RLBUHT – Fellowship with Dr Mike Leahy and Team at The Christie Manchester.

Not Present

Dr Clare Smyth, Scotland Deanery – Fellowship with Dr Jeff White, TheBeatson West of   Scotland Cancer Centre Team

Dr Danielle Brind,London Deanery – Fellowship with Dr Jeremy Whelan and UCLH Team

Mr Kian Tan, Academic Clinical Fellow, Manchester

The project has investigated patient and primary care experience of the diagnosis and initial referral process of patients with sarcoma, utilising a structured interview form for the patients they saw during the fellowship weeks and primary care questionnaire. The key findings of the project were as follows.

The median time to presentation for the patients questioned was three weeks.

Approximately 80% of patients were referred to secondary care within their first 3 visits.

GP’s with previous experience were more likely to refer to secondary care services on the first presentation.

More than half of GP’s felt that more training in the diagnosis and management of sarcoma should be offered.

There is further work to provide a update on the data and we hope to present this at the SSN education day on 4th September 2014.

Congratulations to the students Philip Broadbent, Lisa Pascoe and Claire Smyth, and Peter Lynn (BWoSCC FY2) for all their hard work and interest in the project.

A graduate certificate in bone and soft tissue cancer care is available from the University of the West of Scotland and here is the latest flyer.

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