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Dr Henning Wackerhage has advised the Aberdeen team’s research into the Hippo signal transduction pathway in soft tissues sarcomas has been reviewed on 4th June 2015.


Mr Sanjay Gupta from the Glasgow centre provided the following abstract of their research that was awared first prize at 20th March 2015 GLAMOR meeting for their presentation.


Extracorporeal irradiation and re-implantation of a bone segment is a technique employed in bone sarcoma surgery for limb salvage in the setting of reasonable bone stock.  There is neither consensus nor rationale given for the dosage of irradiation used in previous studies, with values of up to 300Gy applied.  We investigated the influence of extracorporeal irradiation on the elastic and viscoelastic properties of bone.  Bone specimens were extracted from mature cattle and subdivided into thirteen groups; twelve groups exposed to increasing levels of irradiation and a control group.  The specimens, once irradiated, underwent mechanical testing in saline at 37°C.


Mechanical properties were calculated by experimental means which included Young’s Modulus, Storage Modulus and Loss Modulus. These were all obtained for comparison of the irradiated specimens to the control group.


There were non-significant negligible changes in all of the mechanical properties of bone that were assessed with increasing dosage of irradiation.  Therefore, we conclude that the overall mechanical effect of high levels of extracorporeal irradiation (300Gy) is minute, and can be administered to reduce the risk of malignancy recurrence.

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