The Team

SSN operates through 3 education days per year (1 in the North, 1 in the West and 1 in the South East of Scotland).

A virtual Steering Group and subgroups cater for the specific tasks.  Members of this virtual Steering Group are shown below.

Network Manager

Lindsay Campbell

Lindsay Campbell

Managed Clinical Network National Manager at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

My role is to work with patients, families, charities, external companies, Local Authorities, the 14 NHS Boards and 5 specialist centres to continually improve the quality of care for patients with these cancers, and, to ensure every patient in Scotland with one of these cancers has equal access to this quality care.


Ioanna Fragkandrea-Nixon, PhD

Ioanna Fragkandrea-Nixon, PhD

Consultant Clinical Oncologist at the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre

I am a Consultant Clinical Oncologist specialising in the treatment of Head and Neck cancers, base of skull tumours and soft tissue and bone sarcomas.
Dr Larry Hayward

Dr Larry Hayward

Consultant Medical Oncology

During 5 years as an NHS consultant Dr Hayward has been local principal investigator on > 20 studies and recruited to many others led by colleagues.

He is currently co- or deputy chief investigator on one current and one future UK CRUK funded, NCRN badged multi-centre breast cancer neoadjuvant trial (Artemis and ROSCO).

Dr Michelle Ferguson

Dr Michelle Ferguson

Consultant Clinical Oncology

Dr Michelle Ferguson was appointed as a Consultant in Medical Oncology at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee in 2007. She has also recently been appointed as Honorary Senior Lecturer with the University of Dundee.

As the lead clinician in NHS Tayside for the treatment of ovarian cancer and sarcoma, she is a member of the Scottish Clinical Trials Group (ovary) and the Scottish Sarcoma Network.

Dr Walter Mmeka

Inverness Centre Lead - Raigmore

Dr Fiona Cowie

Oncology Lead - Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre

Dr Jeff White

Oncologist - Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Center

Dr Milind Ronghe

Paediatric Oncologist - Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow


David Boddie

David Boddie

Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon at NHS Grampian

Mr Boddie graduated from Aberdeen University in 1991. After posts in Aberdeen and Edinburgh he returned for basic and higher training completing a year and a half full-time research.

Mr Peter Chong

Joint Glasgow Centre Lead Surgeon, Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Mr Steven Lo

Joint Glasgow Centre Lead Surgeon, Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Mr Sam Patton

Surgeon, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

Mr Stuart Hamilton

Surgeon, Livingston, St John's Hospital

Prof Patrick O'Dwyer

Surgeon, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow

Mr Ashish Mahendra

Surgery Lead, Surgeon, Glasgow Royal Infirmary


Prof Donald Salter

Pathology Lead, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

Dr Sinclair Dundas

Research Lead Pathologist, Aberdeen


Dr Chris Nicholas

Joint Radiology Lead, Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Dr Mark McCleery

Joint Radiology Lead, Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Palliative Care Consultant

Dr Alison Mitchell

Palliative Care Consultant, Glasgow

Clinical Nurse Specialist

Jane Law

Nurse/Allied Health Professional Lead, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Glasgow Centre

Lay Representative

Debi Kirk

Debi Kirk

Sales and Marketing Consultant - ScotVision

I’m the co-founder of ScotVision, a Professional Website Solutions Company.

I specialise in using state-of-the-art promotional tools like mobilizing, site analysis and video marketing to help clients get the most from their online presence.

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Dr Ioanna Nixon, Consultant Clinical Oncologist at the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre, is the SSN's Clinical Lead.

Lindsay Campbell is the SSN's Manager and can be contacted as follows:

First Floor, St Mungo Building, Glasgow Royal Infirmary, 84 Castle Street, Glasgow G4 0SF

0141 232 1034 or 07951 273920


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